Chantal Birch Ashton, E-RYT, HHC - Holistic Soul Companioning...
Intuitive Communication
Horses natural mode of communication is non-verbal. They communicate intuitively with each other all the time using the nuances of body language, reading energy of their herd mates and knowing the thoughts, and more importantly the emotions of others in their group. Because of this natural ability in the horse, they can often pick up on emotional states of their caregivers, without the caregiver even knowing that they are transmitting these states of mind, this can create many misunderstandings in the horse /human relationship. As human beings, we can benefit from this non-verbal way of being, both when working with horses and in our everyday life if we know how to tap into it.
Intuitive communication can be helpful for a number of issues, from behavior to chronic health conditions. I find it is very helpful while doing energy work such as Reiki. In fact, its very hard to separate the two, one tends to respond to the other, so that it creates a natural ebb and flow during a session.
We all have this natural ability with our horses, its just that often we are too busy or distracted to pay attention to these messages when they appear. Private sessions help you to tap into this inner communication. I am also available to mentor or give guidance in developing your own gifts in this area.
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